Bounded Warehouse

Bounded Warehouse

Bounded Warehouse

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management




Distribution & Transport

Distribution & Transport

Distribution & Transport

The Benefits Of Using Vareya’s Warehouses

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Secure warehouses

our warehouses are equipped with remote surveillance, alarms and transshipment docks to protect your goods …

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Customized storage spaces

we store all your goods and equipment whether they are in bulk or on pallets – floor storage, high rack storage …

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Adjustment of your storage space

your needs have changed? Do you wish to increase or reduce your storage space?…

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No minimum storage time

with Vareya, you have absolute freedom. Your contract does not impose any minimum storage period…

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Personalized support

account manager is dedicated to you for the entire duration of your storage…

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Collection of your goods

our team takes care of collecting your goods from your premises …

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Packing of your goods

you wish to pack your goods in boxes or on pallets before storage …

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Transport from our warehouses

we also ensure the transport of your goods stored in the Netherland…


Distribution And Transportation Service Companies:

The distribution and transportation services or logistics service in general, are made up of people who work on the ground, water or in the air. Most are responsible for transporting people or goods, making home deliveries, distributing mail, etc… Most of them are also responsible for the delivery of merchandises and services. Others are involved in logistics transportation, namely, strategic activities and Logistics Company that organize act solutions and operations in order to satisfy customers and make the business profitable

Warehouse Management:

The fulfillment warehouse is a strategic place for the company and fulfillment centers, whatever the sector of activity to which it belongs. Its main functions: storage, shipment, checking and supply of goods in the supply chain. The optimal organization of operations and available resources allows us to offer the best quality service at the lowest possible cost. This is why fulfillment warehouse management software improves performance, offers much more efficient work processes and minimizes errors.

The benefits of letting product in a European warehouse:

Letting product in a European warehouse and especially in Netherland has many benefits that allow businesses to grow and make the difference over their competitors:


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