Can I Warehouse My Goods In Europe?

Can I Warehouse My Goods In Europe?

To answer that question, we should talk about warehousing first. Warehousing consists of housing the goods in special buildings: warehouses. Often isolated from the production plant and the sales warehouse, these structures are specially designed to accommodate and protect a large quantity of goods.

Usually, the space and infrastructure are optimized for the type of goods stored for example; food or fragile materials, and include many specific items of equipment, such as shelving, lifts or forklifts. Logistics is also optimized to manage operations, locations and handling in the best possible way.

As we can see, there are no special materials or difficult conditions to store your goods in Europe or fulfillment companies in the Netherland.

With Vareya services, you can warehouse the goods in warehouses in Europe, and especially in Netherland. We provide adequate storage space for the continuous storage of goods that are supposed to be shipped and space for packing and preparation of the shipment.

Goods can be stored in all kinds of forms – pieces, cartons, pallets, containers, etc…

Within these services we provide these operations:

  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Storage
  • Product labeling
  • Goods register
  • Entry controls
  • Visual controls
  • Documents (delivery notes)
  • Inventories

Moreover, because of many problems that occurs every day such as; punctual store closure, temporary increase in stock, lack of space… Vareya helps you make room. Our team takes care of collecting your goods and transporting them to our warehouses in Europe at the gates of Netherland. Short, medium or long term storage, it’s up to you!

The Benefits Of Using Vareya’s Warehouses:

Secure warehouses: our warehouses are equipped with remote surveillance, alarms and transshipment docks to protect your goods from bad weather during the handling period but also to avoid any intrusion by anyone outside the warehouse.

Customized storage spaces: we store all your goods and equipment whether they are in bulk or on pallets – floor storage, high rack storage.

Adjustment of your storage space with a simple phone call: your needs have changed? Do you wish to increase or reduce your storage space? A simple phone call is all it takes to adjust your storage space in our warehouse.

No minimum storage time: with Vareya, you have absolute freedom. Your contract does not impose any minimum storage period.

Personalized support throughout the storage period: an account manager is dedicated to you for the entire duration of your storage.

Collection of your goods: our team takes care of collecting your goods from your premises and transporting them to our warehouses in the Netherland. This will make your life easier and allow you to concentrate on your core business!

Packing of your goods: you wish to pack your goods in boxes or on pallets before storage but do not have the necessary equipment. Vareya takes care of packing your goods according to your specifications.

Transport from our warehouses: we also ensure the transport of your goods stored in the Netherland: urgent runs, regular tours, chartering… Transport solutions for all your needs!

Assignment of handlers: your goods are heavy, cumbersome… we provide you with handlers to unload and install your equipment at the place of delivery.                  

Not only this, but also there are more options to make the warehousing more efficient, the use of tools for the management and control of material handling and storage are essential for a fast logistics and efficient warehousing. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides complete information on the transit of materials in the virtual zones, allowing a broad and concise view of where the materials are, to which work orders they are attached to, which operations have already been performed and who has performed them, and which operations are pending. Traceability is improved and paper becomes unnecessary.

With the new system, the outward movements of stock were immediately recorded, instead of being recorded by means of back flushing. Usually, back flushing is recommended when the volume of items is not so big and the lead times of assembly are not so long, which is not the case of the system under analysis.

Vareya solutions integrate seamlessly with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), providing wireless and data collection capabilities to facilitate real-time identification of product locations, quantities, conditions, origins and destinations. Automation of the entire process flow eliminates manual and inconsistent human intervention from receiving to shipping. It also ensures seamless security and compliance for optimal business performance.

Find the storage solution for your goods in transit at Vareya’s logistics service, and ensure the security of your inventory and the services of a qualified team from the beginning to the end of the process.

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